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All Things Logistics

Blast Off Freight Dispatch Course (course only)

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If you've recently decided to become an Independent Freight Dispatcher and don't know where or how to begin, this package is for you! By taking this course, you will become well educated on how to navigate within this industry to gain financial security . You will also learn how to build and launch your business.  With full participation from you, and guidance from me, you will:

*Learn how to get started and master a millionaire mindset
*Learn Key Industry Terminology
*Learn about Trucks, Trailers, and the accessories that go along with them
*Learn how to find freight
*Learn step by step how to dispatch your Owner operator/Carrier
*Learn about Rate Confirmations and B.O.L's
*Learn about Invoicing
*Learn step by step how to manage the back office ( Client paperwork and spreadsheets)
*Learn about how factoring works
*Learn how to create all contracts & necessary paperwork.
*Learn about the load board and learn how to navigate it.
*You will also receive access to exclusive educational resources, paperwork/contract templates, scripts and Shippers lists.

 By purchasing this program you gain a lifetime Mentor. This gives you the ability to email us daily for questions or guidance.


~This course materials consists of video tutorials as well as PDF documents and slideshows.

~It is designed for you to study at your own pace.

~By purchasing this course, you agree not to share ANY of the educational materials provided by All Things Logistics LLC. with any other party. (Except the person listed as customer/client)

~You will have access to ALL course materials for 1 year from the date of purchase.

~Do to the nature of the products, all courses are non-refundable.

~ You will receive course portal login information via email within 24hrs of purchase. It is automatically computer generated. 

If you purchased the Blast Off course prior to 5/5/2023 you are able to schedule free 20-minute phone calls with our CEO to discuss any questions or guidance you may need along this journey! (limit 2 calls per month)