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  • I highly recommend working with this dispatching company! They have some of the most extensive experience in the transportation industry, and Toria's team has dispatched my fleet of 5 trucks for the past 4 years (after having to fire 2 dispatchers back to back). They are compassionate, understanding, and transparent. They do everything they can to get you the highest paying loads. They have a stellar reputation in this field and get a 5 STAR review from me!

    ~ J. Blackmon

  • I love this company personally. Its easier for me to worry more about what I have to do. I like the fact that all I have to do is contact them and I know I'm in good hands. I definitely recommend!

    ~R. Sanders

  • When I say the Mentorship was worth EVERY penny (and some) I mean it! I learned much more than I ever expected! I was so nervous, but as soon as I had my first one-on-one session with Toria, I felt like I could do anything! The guidance and motivation helped me get my first Operator 3 weeks into the Mentorship. I had so many mental blocks and she helped me break them all down. I can't wait to pay it forward!

    ~C. Hughes

  • After being let down several times by other companies I was hesitant to get involved with a new one. Fast forward, Toria has been dispatching for me for 5 years now and I have absolutely no complaints! Her and her team are very knowledgeable, transparent, and professional. She takes care of her Owner Operators and with her I know I'm good!

    ~B. McClary

  • Hello Mrs. Toria, I just finished your Blast Off course! I feel so knowledgeable and I'm getting my ducks in a row so that I'm ready to jump on loads (the right way lol!). Your videos on YouTube lead me to take your course, and I'm very happy I did. I just wanted to tell you thank you, for "getting me off the porch"

    ~D. Waters

  • I'm not sure if you recall, but I reached out after completing someone else's course because I hadn't learned a thing! I didn't want to pay for another course, but I'm glad I did! It's been 11 days since I bought the Blast Off course and I am OFFICIALLY a CEO with my first Owner Operator! You made things so simple, and I am extremely blessed to have come across your YouTube channel.

    ~ Q. White

  • Hey, I wanted to let you know that I followed your steps and booked two Carriers within my first 3 days of business! Thank you so much! keep giving out good quality content!

    ~P. Copeland

  • Toria is an amazing teacher! My wife and I finally got our business account and website up, and we are now learning about the load board thanks to you!

    ~ R. Cooper

  • I told Toria I was SO scared, and she set me straight by saying "GOOD, DO IT WHILE YOU'RE SCARED"! Those words gave me chills, and that's when I really started applying myself. Here I am one month later earning on average $3,200 per week from my two Operators.

  • Mentorship was so fulfilling I did it TWICE! During my first 4 weeks we worked on laying the foundation of my business and the second 4 weeks we worked on marketing and acquiring Owner Operators. Man oh man am I grateful for every email, every phone call, and every resource she gave me! My final week I landed an Owner Operator with 3 truck$$$

    ~L. Jackson

  • I highly recommend! Everything was transported fast and in great condition! DEFINETLY 5 STARS!

    ~D. Booker

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